Today I want to talk about the importance of developing outcome independence if you want to be successful with men. In the dating context, being outcome independent means that one is not emotionally attached to the outcome of the dating. According to the experts in the manosphere, outcome independence is extremely important for being successful with women. That explanation is part of the story, but only a minor part. Being outcome independent is in fact an indirect cue of power and options, since someone with an abundance of good options is less likely to be too emotionally tied to any given outcome with a particular date. Most women will immediately see through a low SMV guy who is just pretending to be outcome independent in order to ape being an alpha, and most women can rather easily peg how desirable a guy is without this kind of display. The bigger proof that the theory behind this phenomenon is wrong is because outcome independence not only works for women, but it works EVEN MORE than it does when a man is outcome independent. Yet there is no single factor that will motivate a man to fall in love or pursue you more, after looking sexy, than being outcome independent. So why is it so important?

Why Outcome Independence Is Crucial

I do that shit all the time. Of course, it works better if you pre-qualify your girls , then build rapport, and put things in the right context, but once you do, you have a lot more options than you think. You can feed Hamster Chow to the Hamster. And heroin. Mixed together. No guy has ever talked to me like this before!

Take it from the ORIGINAL dating coach — you DON’T need any “pickup lines” or canned It’s time to declare your outcome independence!

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Relationship Expert & Dating Coach For Men

There are a number of cliches when it comes to dating advice out there, each of them hollow and infuriating. They want a girlfriend who will drag them out of their shells or make them more interesting people. They want the life that they think has been denied to them and that other person is going to be the gateway to finally fulfilling all of their hopes and dreams.

How to become confidently outcome-independent around women talking to a woman that you’d like to take out on a date this Saturday night.

You might say no, but science says yes. Here’s how to break your addiction and start feeling better right now. She was the classic good girl. Well educated, conservatively dressed, and immaculately put together with perfectly white teeth and nails to match. You know the type. An hour later her clothes were strewn across the room, while her heavy breasts pressed against my chest.

Such is the power of outcome independence, one of the most important fundamentals that you need to master when it comes to dating, or getting an ex back. Put simply, outcome independence is something you must master if you want to take it to the next level. If something happens, great. I prefer to look at outcome independence as the confidence you have in yourself that you can find other options to replace what you stand to lose. For example, my Dominican paramour.

Outcome Independence

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If you let your OI go completely out of control, you will start being an asshole with women and start shooting your mouth off on first dates about.

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A guy walks up to a girl. He smiles, tells her he appreciates it, says he’s going to do a little more circulating, gives her a wink, and leaves. Actually, the correct way of describing him would be ” outcome independent.

Previously married women wanted to remain independent and often viewed were not particularly interested in dating if marriage was not a probable outcome.

How can you be Outcome Independent , yet still want what you want? This is my desired outcome. I want this outcome. To achieve this outcome, I go on the dating sites, run through that process , go on a few first dates, and run through that process. I literally do not care how the interaction ends up. If she works out, great.

Healthy Parent-Child Relationships

Well, I have good news and bad news for you. The good news: you can make a change. Well, if you do something only hoping for a certain result, then you are an outcome dependent person. You value the end more than the process, of which you may just be completely oblivious. When I sat down with him afterwards, he asked me how it was.

One of the most commonly discussed concepts in dating is not being Becoming outcome independent is one of the most important thing you.

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How To Be Outcome Independent While Still Having Goals and Desires

Like all concepts they are but a poor translation of what they hope to illustrate. More-often-than-not these concepts are misinterpreted to fit in with the fearful perspective of the one that hears of them. Whilst it should be clear from reading such a passage that what is spoken of is a sense of being fully engaged in what one is doing without fixing oneself to a particular result, what is often interpreted is to act in a way that is detached and careless.

And yet, this too is misread.

Outcome Independence Outcome independence is one of the most important components to master towards becoming an alpha male and attracting women.

Because when you become interested in a girl — your behavior subconsciously changes, and you think and act differently around that girl. You see, when you become interested in a girl — you instantly start wanting something from her. You may want her to like you, you may want her to talk to you, you may want her to just acknowledge you or even have a relationship with you — or, most importantly, you probably want to eventually have sex with her.

And just the sheer fact that you want something from her drastically changes your behavior. And that behavior often changes for the worse — you start acting in unattractive ways near that girl. This is a simple yet extremely important distinction — to want something from someone or to like something to happen between the two of you. One can be a win-lose and win-win, but the other is always a win-win if done right.

Which are among the main attractive traits in men. For that, you also need to develop and be able to show compassion, kindness, empathy, honesty, trustworthiness, vulnerability, authenticity and caring. This all takes time and effort, even though there are people who develop all of this naturally and quickly. Desperation is probably the number one killer of attraction. Neediness is also a big one.

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Outcome Independence is great for everyone when it comes to dating — you feel less pressure and anxiety, and that makes you more attractive.

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It Is What It Is: The Outcome-Independent Mindset

Even worse were the near-misses, the people who seemed amazing but disappeared into the ether after a handful of dates, or the Crouching Stud, Hidden Douchebags who seemed great at first glance but proved to be assholes in disguise. There were the dates that were so bad they crushed the soul, the long parade of assholes, game-players and just plain toxic individuals who would be better off buried in unmarked landfills inscribed with dire warnings to alert future generations to the dangers.

The components of dating — where to meet people , how to get to know them off a cold or warm approach the different aspects of attraction , even how to act on dates can seem pants-shittingly intimidating. Now I understand that trying to absorb and apply all of that information can seem overwhelming and conflicting.

The idea of “outcome independence” is a popular one in the dating advice world, and with good reason. By letting go of a focus on the end.

Anyone who engages so to say on an approach to a personally desirable woman is not truly indifferent of the outcome. If not for any other reason than ego-supporting purposes, no matter how much abundance there is or how tight the inner game. The sense of not seemingly giving a shit about the outcome and rolling on then gives that person the value and frame that draws the interest and at the same time also as an experience helping to nurture the inner game further.

Phinn: I think so too. But alphas are nothing if not goal-oriented. That includes but is not limited to the occasions when a woman rejects him sexually. We constrict ourselves, and are no longer authentic and spontaneously present. You can be aloof as part of push pull, but if you are not some dark triad guy, then you are just limiting your real emotions, instead of learning how to work with them to your advantage. Also, girls have different needs for intimacy and attachment.

For some, romantic triggers are real and strong. So that brings us back to outcome independence. Here is the thing: girls get turned on when you are very intensely passionate about them, and confuse your own arousal for their own. Concepts such as being aloof and being outcome independent are very misleading.

We really do want to fuck these girls, and sometimes more.

Letting Go Of The External Results To Achieve Internal Results

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