This collection is founded on the premise of giving a loved one their birth year to wear on their sleeve. Due to the nature of this program we cannot guarantee the availability of every year. This item is temporarily out of stock. If there is a suggested Online Retailer s below, please visit their site to complete your purchase. Otherwise, to receive a notification when this item is available, please enter your email address below. Date nails were first used in Europe in the mid-twentieth century and North America towards the end of the century, as timber shortages led to the chemical treatment of railroad ties. Date nails were driven into each newly treated tie so later maintanence crews would know the installation date of each rotted, deteriorated tie. The s saw the peak of date nail use with over one hundred railroads employing them. By the s, the nails’ production and use decline as chemical treatment became more advanced and as it became more common for years to be stamped directly into the wood. While date nails were also driven into bridge timbers, utility poles, and mine props, the nails used to make this item are mostly from railroad ties.

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Unusual collectibles hold fascination for many. Certainly barbed wire and brick collecting would be in this classification. There are some who specialize in aspects of transportation, such as railroads.

When a rotted or mechanically damaged tie was removed, the date on the nail was noted. Ties were never removed because of age, so date nails.

Common place in the late th century through the mid th century, Date Nails were driven into railroad ties, utility poles, bridge timbers, and other wooden structures for record keeping purposes. Today, Date Nails are highly sought after artifacts by Railroadiana collectors. Following the Civil War , the railroad race was in full swing. In one such race, the Union Pacific and Central Pacific would compete for government favor; with the line that built the most miles being rewarded with cash and land.

In order to keep pace with this expansion, the timber needed to produce crossties was in high demand. Left untreated, wooden crossties had a life expectancy of only five to seven years. Based on the frenetic pace of laying new track and the subsequent demand of timber supplies, rail companies hatched the idea of treating the ties to increase their life expectancy.

Not knowing which type of wood and treatment methods would be the most effective and economical, railroads began to experiment with varying treatments in the mid to lates. To monitor the results of differing test sections of crossties, railroads settled on the idea of using Date Nails for record keeping purposes.

The oldest known Date Nail used in the U.

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Date nails were first invented in the s in Europe and used by the Used for record keeping purposes, date nails were placed in railroad ties, bridge timbers.

Today, we nail down dates. The University of Houston’s College of Engineering presents this series about the machines that make our civilization run, and the people whose ingenuity created them. A group of local hobbyists runs a large model rail system. Their models are much larger than the model trains we usually see. Some actually carry people. This issue has a feature titled “To Date a Spike”. It tells about something called a date nail.

I didn’t know about date nails, so I went looking. Their distinguishing feature is a two digit number stamped in the head — the last two digits of a date. We have to guess the century, but that’s easy since they were used for less than a century. And their purpose?

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Briefly, a date nail is a nail with the date stamped in its head. For example, a nail with a “41” is from Date nails were driven into railroad ties, bridge timbers, utility poles, mine props, and other wooden structures for record keeping purposes. I concentrate primarily on the nails used by railroads.

Spike is a railroad spikes dating railroad tie. Type like rusty steel railroad spikes were using date nails were driven into railroad spikes dating site flirting dating.

Caption: So this little guy tells quite a story. The year he was placed in this railroad tie sleepers in the UK , the wooden pieces that railroad tracks are secured to was England and the Commonwealth had already been at war with Nazi Germany for 3 years. The Battle of Britain was over. America was not yet involved in the conflict. And this railroad date nail was placed in the wooden tie 77 years ago!

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Click here to see what you are missing! The blurry image below shows three small copper date nails from the ‘s the larger nail shown for comparison purposes only. I believe the nails came from Cajon Pass following the Summit re-alignment. I was told that the copper nails were used for marking telegraph poles instead of railroad ties. Does anyone have more information in regards to railroads using copper date nails?

Thank you, JMW.

For an industrial statement piece that really hammers the sentiment home, this set of date nail cufflinks is right on the mark.

These date nails were used by the Southern Pacific railroad to indicate the age of wooden ties used in the Tehachapi area. An array of old square cut nails are displayed on an antique table from our farm. The table itself was built before using square nails. The four smaller nails at the top were used by SP and are embossed with raised numbers indicating the years that they were used: , , and The lower two are from Sante Fe ties and the dates are stamped indented rather than embossed.

These marker nails were used on utility poles rather than railroad ties and indicate that the pole was made from cedar hence the “C”. The little one came from a railroad bridge timber. From the time I was a little kid, I liked to pick up the old square nails that I’d find lying on the ground around our farm, or on the playground at Wells Elementary School. I knew from my friends Herb and Ola Mae Force that a house once stood near the school’s south fence, and I usually was able to find square nails to add to my antique nail collection.

That’s an unusual thing for a year-old to collect, I know, but I became interested in history and archeology at an early age. I was aided by the fact that the Tehachapi area was a good source for the rusted square nails and date nails that I liked to gather.

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Created by Ward Wallau. For an industrial statement piece that really hammers the sentiment home, this set of cufflinks is right on the mark. Each set of captivating cufflinks is made from authentic date nails in use from In order to record the date of construction, these steel markers were driven into railroad ties, bridge timbers, utility poles, mine props, and other wooden structures.

Date nails were used by railroads to establish the age of treated railroad ties and bridge timbers. Marker nails were also used to a lesser extent by.

Please use the navigational links on your left to explore our website. Railroad Tie Date Nails. Whats the oldest you have found? I was cleaning up around the place and decided this stack of old ties that my father had delivered here in the late 70’s, which he never used, needed to go to the burn pile. It was interesting sorting through the pile, there were some oak ties, oldest one had a ’30 nail in it, was oak, others were a needle bearing species, it looked like a fir species, all but one were just waterlogged and crumbling, parts of them were intact.

I was imagining what went over these all those years ago, mostly steam, but I did find ties with ’50 and ’54 nails. I always wondered what species they typically used for ties, the date nails are nostalgic for sure, I think I have all that came from this pile, hopefully the creosote is dissipated, they are on top of a huge brush pile, so they ought to burn good LOL! UP just opened a new concrete tie-making facility in Iowa. UP is restoring one of their series “big-boy” steam locomotives more info at upsteam.

Railroad Date Nails

He returned the next morning at 2 o’clock. Wiswell and a friend who accompanied him, John Evans of Mountainside, N. Between and , railroads placed date nails in ties to keep a record of the life of the ties.

Date Nails and Railroad Tie Preservation. By Jeff Oaks Copyright Mon Aug 10, Tie Grading Seminar. Category: Committee Meetings. Mon Aug 31​.

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Whats the oldest you have found? I was cleaning up around the place and decided this stack of old ties that my father had delivered here in the.

Please create an account, or Log in here. If you don’t have an account, create one here. ThriftyGypsy items. Greeetings fellow collectors, I had a friend who works for the railroad tell me about these items several months ago, and I have been trying to find some ever since. I happened to run across a jar full at the flea market this weekend, and had to have them all!! Great find at a great price!

My friend told me that these type nails were used to date cross ties on train tracks when they were replaced. This would give the company the year that they were installed, so they would know when to replace them. They were nailed into the cross tie and used for future reference.

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Highway 79 where it passes the Texas Basket Factory, you may have noticed the many new railroad ties set alongside the tracks. During the early days of railroad construction, stone blocks, with wooden stringers running length-wise, supported the iron rail. Prison deliveries were so slow that construction foremen had their workers substitute wooden crossties taken from tree stands along the right of way. Turns out the wooden crossties produced a smoother ride, were readily available and far less expensive.

Wooden cross ties were here to stay.

And this railroad date nail was placed in the wooden tie 77 years ago! Railroads used them to know the exact date the tie was placed in the roadbed. Amazing.

Moderators: Current Officers , Previous Officers. Privacy Terms. Quick links. Forum rules. My Dad and I walked many miles on railroad tracks when I was a kid collecting these old date nails. All are from the 20’s and 30’s. They would nail them in the wooden rail ties to check on how different type of wood treatments worked on the lives of the ties. Also we gathered old insulators on those trips.

I have about of those. Lots of fun for my Dad and I back in the day. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. I have a tie on my land that says “39” on a nail stuck in it. I’m gonna be at South Bend

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